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The Bible's Uniqueness

Although not meant to be an exhaustive study on the uniqueness of the Bible, I would like to highlight six areas that help us see why the Bible is unlike any other book in history. Its uniqueness serves as evidence and is an incredible testimony that validates the historical, orthodox doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy.

The Bible is unique in its:


Consider some of these unique facts about its nature and composition:

The Bible was written over a 1500 year period,

Forty different individuals were involved in writing the books of the Bible, individuals from all walks of life such as kings, shepherds, fisherman, scholars, etc.,

It was written on three different continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) and from many different places within those continents (prison, palace, wilderness, etc.),

It was written during different times in history (times of war, times of piece, etc.), as a result, it was written in different moods (confusion, joy, sadness, etc.),

It was written in thr…

Discernment: A Biblical Imperative

More so in recent years than perhaps during any other time in church history has the church become extremely gullible to false teachings. Heresy is running rampant and it is creating havoc among those who claim to be Christians, in part because of the crisis of apologetic, theological, doctrinal, and biblical illiteracy facing the church. Chaos and confusion threaten to overwhelm the church, all because we have neglected the clear instruction of Scripture to be students of the Word and the command to be discerning. People are willing to accept anything anybody in a leadership position says simply because they said it. It is as if people who “speak for God” have replaced the Word of God and they themselves have become inerrant and infallible. Blind faith has replaced reasoned faith, foolishness has replaced wisdom, and willful ignorance has replaced committed discipleship. We are now reaping the consequences; the church is being marginalized and shoved aside as irrelevant and out of to…